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WEBMASTER - Ziggy Zapata
PLEASE DO NOT SEND AN EMAIL TO CARR UNTIL YOU READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS: Campaign Against Road Ripoffs is NOT an advisory service and the Webmaster is not a lawyer. CARR is not available to give individual advice about traffic and other issues. If you cannot find the information you need on this website, you should seek professional legal advice.

If you need to find something out about motoring issues, please do your own research, either on the CARR website or via a search engine. Do not plague the webmaster with questions for which you can find the answers yourself.

DISCLAIMER - All information on the Campaign Against Road Ripoffs (CARR) website is of a purely advisory nature and should not be taken as legal advice. CARR and the webmaster will not be held responsible for any consequences arising from anybody using information on this website.


Due to spammers using automated CGI spam software to send CARR all sorts of unwanted material using the form that was on this page, it has now been removed for the time being.If you wish to send emails or enquiries to CARR, please send an email to using your normal email program. That way, I can respond to you if required.

That way, people have to use their own email accounts to send emails to me and if those emails are spam or abuse, the senders will immediately be placed on my server's Sender Block filter and I will never be able to receive anything from those particular email addresses.